Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pastor Mark Knowles is moving to Moldova!

Dear friends, Lord willing, I'll be heading out again to the mission field, to Moldova, in Eastern Europe on January 13th. We have a Greater Grace church there which was planted by Pastor Julian Timofte a few years ago. I'll be teaching Old Testament Survey in the Bible College and otherwise assisting him in whatever way necessary--evangelism, preaching, whatever the Lord gives. Moldova is formerly part of the USSR and still as I understand has a communist government. By all accounts the fields there are white unto harvest! I believe God will open many doors to minister God's precious grace to the hearts of the people there. Please keep the mission in prayer as God leads you. We are so excited as we usher in the New Year, 2009, for we believe God has planted us where He has for a specific purpose. He is on the throne today and rules over the affairs of men. If there are troubles all around, maybe just maybe that is a place where God is on the move. Maybe it is there where we'll have our greatest opportunity. Let's trust God to open doors this year to reach out to those around us in this lost and dying world who are searching for Grace! Those kind of people are all around us. A missionary is not one who travels overseas to live in a country not his own. A MISSIONARY IS ONE WHO HAS DETERMINED IN HIS HEART NOT TO LIVE FOR HIMSELF, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS! Because of His first love, Your brother in Jesus, Mark

I first met Pastor Mark in Budapest in a Saturday when he came for a prayer meeting. We have had such an amazing time worshiping together The Lord! From that time we became good friends and we start praying together with others nearly every day for our ministry in Budapest and around the world. We were going together to Bible College ,evangelism and mission trips. In 2003 God called me to go to Central Asia and Pastor Mark went to Baltimore I believe in 2005, for Bible College . He have finished the Bible College in Baltimore last summer and also he was ordained as a Pastor during our 2008 Annual Convention in Baltimore.
We were praying together that God will lead him to come and finally God gave Pastor Mark the opportunity to come and join our team in Chisinau . He will be leaving Baltimore today for Budapest where he will spend few days with the Church there and also will go to a mission trip to Slovakia. We are expecting him in Chisinau by 20 of January.
Please pray for his trip to Hungary-Slovakia- Moldova,for a permanent visa in Moldova(one year),his part in the Church,evangelism ,place to stay,finances,teaching in Bible College(Old Testament Survey).
Thank you very much for your part in the work in Moldova!
God bless you!
Pastor Julian

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Greg Mitchell said...

Praise God! P. Mark will be missed here in Baltimore but surely God will use him in a mighty way in Moldova. Hurray for Team Moldova! Thanks for all of your faithful service to our dear LORD! Hi P. Julian and Natella. From Greg Mitchell in Baltimore.