Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Claudia Schneider-God is good!

God is good! He really IS!!!

Sometimes I don't realize how He is working in me, but later, when I look back, I can see it. God blessed me very much in these past months – in so many ways.
- When I was on holiday with my parents I had the possibility to pray for my mom together with her and it seems there is a way open now that I can continue to do so, even if it will be only over the phone (as I am in Moldova and she is in Switzerland).
- God speaks to me through His word, which is awesome! Lately I listened to a message about the character of God, and the preacher emphasised how much God longs to have fellowship with me. And it is my choice if I want this or not. The next morning I had this thought: God says thank you for what I do for Him! This was a very revolutionary thought for me… because although I know about His grace and love I still had the conviction, that He is the one who commands, and I have to do. But now I start to understand that He is not like this. Suddenly I see that fine part of God who longs to be loved by us… it is hard to describe, but wonderful to meditate about it!
- I don't see enough support coming in for me at the moment, and I really struggled with this. I started to pray about it, and to proclaim that He will care for me. The situation is still the same, but now I have peace in my heart and I am sure that God will provide everything I need – it is so good to have a Father in heaven in whom we can trust.
- A little thing that really showed me God's love. While I was home I was invited to a wedding. I knew what I would wear, but it was cold and I needed to have a jacket which fits – but I did not have. On the day of the wedding I got up and started to think what I could wear and suddenly I had this thought in my mind: "Don't worry what you will wear!" and I said: "yes, Lord, you are right" and I was calm. Then my mother came and suggested that we could go to ask the neighbour if she has something. So we went, and instead of getting just a jacket, I also received a very nice dress to wear! When the other girls I went with started to talk about how long they tried to find the right thing I could tell them how God provided for me!
Thank you for praying for me. I know that this is the most important thing for my ministry here. Please continue to pray for the salvation of my parents and healing for my dad (he has cancer). Many greetings from Moldova .

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seeking for living water?

God is faithful!Many people in this place are looking for answers . They are looking for someone to satisfy their thirst.There is such a joy when they find Jesus .I think that we have such a privilege to share Christ with people and to be coworkers with God.Romans 10/13-17, people need to hear in order to believe,to hear the Word of Christ in whom name they can be saved by believing in Him.People need to hear and God call us to go to tell them. Thank you for praying for the lost ,and for that you obey God by going out to preach the Gospel! God bless you!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Boris Karadjov

He was the first who receive Christ in our home . He is a wonderful disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is now studying in Bible College in Baku,Azerbaijan.


Please pray for her healing(cancer).

Oleg and Gheorghita Ciobanu

Please pray that Gheorghita will believe in Jesus. Oleg is a wonderful believer for about 2 years. Please pray for them!

Galina and Paul -God is faithfull!

Paul is from USA ,Galina from Moldova and they are getting married today.They are from a Russian speaking Church in Chisinau. With Paul we use to meet often to do evangelism in the city. We are very glad for what God is doing in their life.May God bless and use them!

Greter Grace Moldova

Joy in the Lord!