Sunday, May 3, 2009

Newsletter from P.Mark


"...This afternoon we visited Tanti Eva (Aunt Eva) and
Domnule Andrei (Mr. Andrei). They are believers and in
their 80's, I suspect. On the way to their very modest home,
we met a precious little babushka with all gold teeth,
along the way. She spoke Russian with Oleg for some minutes,
then deposited a handful of chocolates in our hands and
flashed the most beautiful Christ-like smile. Her eyes,
glistened, telling of her Savior.

Then on to our destination another 25 yards up the
street. Tanti Eva cannot walk but can still read quite
well. She only has the Psalms but apparently reads them
continually. When we came into her small, simple room
with Persian carpets on the wall, she gave us an ear-to-ear,
Spirit-filled grin. She was bubbling over with joy and
thankfulness, at times reverently doing the sign of the
cross while she shared to us from her heart.

During our conversation, I slipped into the kitchen
to see Mr. Andrei. We don't really speak a common
language, Mr. Andrei and I, but managed somehow by God's
grace to communicate pretty well. He asked if I wanted
some tea. I said yes, and sat in the chair he offered me. If
you know the context of the conversation, you can understand
much more than you could otherwise. Would you like some
bread? Yes. How about some olives? Yes, thank you.
They're very good olives. Yes, they're from Greece.
More tea? No, thanks. Pretty simple, surface level
communication but I so enjoyed being with him in his
world and he enjoyed serving me, I think. Praise God, what a
treat it was to be with these precious believers! This life is
so rich and so precious, Lord. Thank You for my life. These are
good days."

The words above are from one of my journal entries, from
Wed., 4/29/09

It is so true that these are good days here in
Moldova. Meeting daily just as they did in Acts, we sense
the Lord with us in all we do. Praise Him! We have a
precious group of faithful and hungry believers. They
love the Lord, they love His Word and they love His people.

--Catch anything?--
We've been out on the streets soul-winning just
about every day in recent days. It is so good. People are
open to the Gospel and most everyone that you stop on the
streets is willing to talk with you. It seems that so
many that we talk to are truly child-like and so uncomplicated
in their response. Nevertheless, there are religious
strongholds which often hold people back. The Orthodox
church is predominant here in Moldova and many that we
speak with are in that church.

--PEOPLE are truly the greatest treasure--

One of the recent treasures in the field that we
found, was a young Chinese man named Bing Lin. He has
found a place in the hearts of our people and we pray for his
salvation. Bing Lin has the attitude of the Bereans, who
you probably remember, searched the Scriptures to see
whether the things they heard were true (Acts 17:11). He loves
the fellowship in the Body (though he's never actually been
to our church yet) and I think he appreciates the sense
of honor that is given to each one in the Body.

Thank you for reading. As the Lord brings it to mind, would
you please pray for us in the following few items?

--Pastor Julian, the pastor of Greater Grace of Moldova,
has been out of the country with his wife Natella
recently. Now he may have trouble getting back into the country
because of the recent problems with the government. Also,
Gabor (from Hungary) and I only have a few days left to
be in the country legally, UNLESS we are granted a
last-minute living permit. So, please pray for clear leading of the
Holy Spirit both for P. Julian and for Gabor and me here. We
believe He could do a miracle for us, but we are waiting
on Him that He would lead us.

--Daily grace, encouragement

--Finished Work/Grace messages

Thank you so much. We love you each one and thank God for
your support of missions and your love for the Lord!

In His abundant love,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring - resurection grace life!

EUROCON 2009!!!!

Thank You for all who prayed and supported us, it was a time many of us will never forget! Amazing time in the word and rich times in fellowship!

Special thanks for the precious Mezobereny church and our amazing Heni, we all love you very, very, very much!

And all the Budapest body and all the dear man and women of God who served us during the conference! Especially for precious Gina!
It was amazing to meet at Body from many places, to go together before the Lord!!

See you next year in our Jerusalem-feast!

The merry heart has a continual Feast!

After the Conference we had the privilege to have such a guest in Moldova like P.Stan Collins from Peru! This picture was made in the Grace house, where we make Bible-studies every Tuesday.

Not only P.Stan but our very own P.Julian was with us also, for the greatest joy of the church. Now as many of you know P.Mark is with us, teaching and preaching with the spirit faithful to P.Stevens'!



Revolution in Moldova - with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Our precious friend Kornel brought our beloved fellow - Bible school students from Budapest - Zsolti, Gabi, Timi, our very own Alyona (who is also studying now in Budapest), Aniko and Fruzsi. These last two precoius girls are praying for joining our Moldova team in the perfect plan of God!

Soul winning in the park ( with Zsolti and Timi)

That is something Hungarian here! Paprikas krumpli!

Kornel and P.Mark

Almost 25 person confessed Christ in these 4 for days! Praise the Lord!


Bing Lin, Oleg, Andrei and P.Mark

Please pray for us as God gives us His life to go on with him more nad more. Also we encourage you if you to join us, we would love to have you in our fellowship!

Monday, February 2, 2009


The team!

Aliona and Tanya

Andrei and Gabor

Pastor Mark with two new brothers in Christ

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Gabor - I am glad to be in Moldova!
Grace House


Sergiu and Oleg

Food! is good

Getting to know the God of all grace

Greetings from Moldova to all you precious saints!Psalm 81:10b says, "...Open your mouth wide and Iwill fill it". What is my need today? What is yourneed? Thank God, we have an all-mighty God who desires to be very personal with us in filling our need. He says to us,Won't you simply open your mouth wide and let me supply your need from My eternal storehouse? A storehouse filled with His grace, His mercy, His goodness, His kindness. There is no lack in that storehouse. Whatever the need, whether big or small, God is waiting to be gracious to us and show His love toward us by filling the need. During the last two weeks, I have been amazed at the way that God has supplied my need. We were four days inBudapest, one day in Slovakia, three days in Brasov,Romania, now I've been here for four days and whenpresented an opportunity to preach or do a rap, I have opened my mouth wide and God has filled it! I didn't realize until now how much I had received by being in GGWO Baltimore every day and just receiving from the pulpit and from the Body. Thank you so much, PastorSchaller, and all the dear pastors who have been faithful to preach the Word and invest in my life!!! The value of what I have received in my 3 1/2 years there cannot be estimated. It is truly beyond words. Thank you to the Body in Baltimore, too, for just loving me! I've been so warmly received by Pastor Julian and the Body here in Moldova. Oh, what a time we're having! Thank you, Lord. :) We've had amazing times in the Word, on the streets evangelizing and just feasting in fellowship.There does seem to be an amazing openness to the Gospel amongst the Moldovans. Bible college begins again tonight, with Gabor Bolbas teaching Methods of Evangelism. I’ll teach Old Testament Survey on Friday and Pastor Julian will teach a class either on Wednesday or Sunday. Thank you for reading thus far and as the Lord brings it to remembrance, please pray for us in the following:
---SOULS saved and DISCIPLES to be added to the church. ---BIBLE COLLEGE CLASSES--fervent hearts,anointedteaching, students to attend.For people to have a PERSONAL REVELATION of theimportance of the WORD and the BODY.TEAM members P. Julian/ Natella Timofte, GaborBolbas and me. PROVISION in every way for all who desire to go toEUROCON in March. Thank you each one for your friendship in the Gospel and for the way that you are a blessing to the Body of Christ! God bless you! Pastor Mark Knowles

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just let God love you

Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
1Jn 4:10 In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation concerning our sins.
So many people don't experience the real love the unconditional love of God !
Why? Because they don't let God love them! There is much pain and much sorrow in this world and people are blaming all on God . Why God ? Why is this happening to me ? How can I believe in God with all this things happening in the world? If God exist and loves us this world will not be like this!
How many times in our conversations with people ,we have met this questions or statements!
People are angry and mad on God ! Why? Because they don't know how much God loves them ! How much He is looking to minister to them Mercy and Grace! They don't know how much God paid in order to bring peace ,joy and love in our life, and all this for free!
God knows what is happennig in this world in our life and He wants to help us ! He is saying:" Just let me love you! Come to Me as you are and let Me love you !"
God is so awsome ! I don't know where I will be without the love of God ! I know that I am here at this point in my life just because of His love ! I can continue because of His love and I will finish my race victorious because of His love. I like that He is not puting conditions for me . He says :" Come ! Just come ! Like a child!"
I love this! Thank you Lord!