Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gabor Bolbas in Moldova

Gabor Bolbas is from Budapest and he is part of Bible Speak Church .
He finished the Bible College in KETA(Central EuropeanTeological Academy) Budapest and was vising our Churches in Central Asia in 2005-2006.He was also with us in Moldova for few monthes.
He now comes back to be part of the team,please pray for him as he will help us in Chisinau with evangelism ,Bible College,visitation.Pray please for his spiritual growth ,finances and his ministry to people .

Monday, January 28, 2008

Natella's hand made crafts

It's Christmas!

January seven

Juliana visiting us in Moldova

Visit to Corpaci

Igor's parents
Natasha and her children!
Tonya and the three angels!

Visit to Corpaci

Igor and Natasha were waiting for us!

News December 2007

Hebrews 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may
obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.
I have been thinking about this verse and I was really encouraged to see the open invitation God is giving to us- to come to HIS throne of Grace to receive mercy and grace. We are needy people and this life is not easy to live alone without HIM,we have guilt because of sin,troubles,temptations,hardships,and, God wants us to come to HIM because HE has the provision.
Mercy is that God doesn't give us what we deserve! We all deserve to die and be separated form God for ever.But HE gives us mercy,and it is forever because HIS mercy endures forever.He forgives us Titus 3/5-6. Because of the Finished Work of Christ on the cross ,God can give us mercy,he takes the guilt away, remembrance of sin and He doesn't stop here...but gives us grace.God is rich in grace!
Grace is that God gives us what we don't deserve.HE gives us a new life,new identity,new name and new family.He gives us an eternal purpose!We don't deserve but God gives us ,it is an unmerited favor. God is asking us to come boldly to HIS throne to receive mercy and grace.Wow!God is so good to us!
I would like to share with you now about what God is doing in our lives in Moldova.
December 2007
Christmas concert
After two weeks in Istanbul we came to Chisinau and we started to prepare for Christmas.We decided to have a Christmas concert on 23-rd.
It was a very good time ,we all were singing Christmas carols in Romanian,English,Russian,German and Azerbajanian languages.After I was preaching we invited people to stay, drink tea and eat.Team from Baku (Boris,Maxim,Nargiz and Tonya)were helping us very much in this time with singing and also spending time with people.We had 6 new people coming to be with us.
Christmas gifts
We know that the greatest gift we ever received was that God gave His Son for us to die on our place and that is what we celebrate now. Praise God for HIS Son! On the 24-th we gathered in our house and everyone brought a gift for someone. We exchanged gifts ,prayed and listened to the word of God.It was for the first time for Olesia and Rodica to be in a Church to celebrate Christmas and to receive gifts. They said that this time was a real blessing for them.The time wasn’t about Santa but it was about Jesus Christ.
New Year celebration
We gathered together in our house at 9 pm . We started to get ready to celebrate New Year. We all had a great expectation from coming new year . We are thankful to God for everything HE did in our lives in the past year and we are looking with hope and joy on coming new year. God is faithful!We were sharing from the word of God and spoke from Philippians 4/8-9. We have many things to think about ,many things to look at ,but not everything is good for us ,not everything is useful,not everything is encouraging for us . Apostle Paul is asking us to think about Jesus’s character,life ,to focus on Him, to study more about Him, because that is all we need.He can change us ,serve to us ,minister to us. The world wants us to look at it and to be with the world,serve to it.Paul says look at Jesus,trust Him ,walk with Him,you will never regret! Praise God for the Bible!
Christmas exhibition
Natella's desire was that our people will go to Budapest conference.Everyone wants to go but financially they can't make it.
There was a Christmas exhibition where Natella and the girls participated and sold different handmade crafts and gifts for Christmas. They were preparing for this time for many weeks . They were gathering together almost everyday ,planing,working .The money they made from the sales will be used for one of the them to go to Budapest. People liked these gifts very much .She almost sold everything.She could not put the real prices for everything they made but it was a special time for them to be together for an eternal purpose.
Even thou it is cold outside now we continue to share the good news.
God is faithful to give us people with open hearts almost every time we go out.I can see that people are hungry for God .Who will tell them about God? Who will encourage them? God is speaking to His people. I am really glad to see our people going out without being forced and it’s because of their conviction from the Word of God. Boris,Oleg,Andrei,Snejana,Claudia are going out with joy to share with people with good news.We have great testimonies of how God sends people to us ,how He works in their lives. It is good to see that people are still calling us few months after we have spoken with them.People need The Lord!
Visit in Corpaci
Corpaci is a village 200 km North from Chisinau close to the Romanian border and four of us(me,Nargiz,Tonya and Maxim)went to visit Igor,a believer which I have met in April this year at the conference in baptist church. He was very interested about teaching that we have in our church and was asking many questions. I gave him many messages to listen. We went to visit him and his family. His wife Natasha was waiting for us with joy, she served to us and we felt like home. We stayed for two days and the time was so rich in the word and fellowship.God was ministering to us in a very special way. Many people came to visit us while we were there and from morning till 2:00 am I was just speaking and answering on their questions. Igor is visiting us every second week to Chisinau. He takes classes on CD’s from bible college to listen them at home. He is very encouraged by everything he hears from the word of God.Please pray for him and his family and that we will continue to minister to them and the people here in Moldova.

Thank you for reading our news letter . I am praying that you will be encouraged when you read it.
Please pray for us as we are in Istanbul now,we will be here until 5-th of February.God is great and HE can use us here.
Pray for our health,we both sick and we need God's touch.
Also please pray for our people from Moldova that they will be able to go to Budapest . We need 300Euro for their visa(50 Euro for each).We pray that six people from Moldova will go with us . Also Claudia who is part of the team would like to go. We need to aply for their visas until January,31 because Hungarian embassy requires to apply for visa one month before you go. If God will speak to your heart to support our team that never been to the conference before please fell free to contact me by email.
Please pray for us to receive one year visa in Moldova.
Pray if it is God's will that Andrei will go to study in Baku Bible College next September.
For Boris who is studying in Baku Bible College(finances,health),Valentina(cancer);Nina's husband Ghenazi(salvation).It is a great privilege for us to be in the same family with you ,having the same Spirit,purpose!
We love you very much ,may God bless your walk of faith ,
Pastor Julian and Natella Timofte

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas gifts

What a blessing to follow God and to be in His will.And I think God is leading us to people. He brought us four,me(Tonya), Nargiz ,Maxim and Boris here to Chisinau,Moldova. What a blessing to be with people here,to encourage each other,to be one family in Christ.Love you very much,thank you for praying for us,
Since my first day in Moldova ,it's been unbelievably interesting time.I can feel that God teaches me trough everything,He opens somethings new for me.
The time God has given me with everyone I've met in the Church has been very precious and blessed;Ive learned a lot. Recently we had gifts exchange day for Christmas.It was great,I've never had such an experience before. e
Everyone of us could feel unity in Christ,unspeakable precious love for each other and respect during that night. And is not about gifts but it's about attitude to yourself and toward others. I really appreciate this time here and I learn that it's important to spend time with God .God bless you ,