Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas gifts

What a blessing to follow God and to be in His will.And I think God is leading us to people. He brought us four,me(Tonya), Nargiz ,Maxim and Boris here to Chisinau,Moldova. What a blessing to be with people here,to encourage each other,to be one family in Christ.Love you very much,thank you for praying for us,
Since my first day in Moldova ,it's been unbelievably interesting time.I can feel that God teaches me trough everything,He opens somethings new for me.
The time God has given me with everyone I've met in the Church has been very precious and blessed;Ive learned a lot. Recently we had gifts exchange day for Christmas.It was great,I've never had such an experience before. e
Everyone of us could feel unity in Christ,unspeakable precious love for each other and respect during that night. And is not about gifts but it's about attitude to yourself and toward others. I really appreciate this time here and I learn that it's important to spend time with God .God bless you ,

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