Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting to know the God of all grace

Greetings from Moldova to all you precious saints!Psalm 81:10b says, "...Open your mouth wide and Iwill fill it". What is my need today? What is yourneed? Thank God, we have an all-mighty God who desires to be very personal with us in filling our need. He says to us,Won't you simply open your mouth wide and let me supply your need from My eternal storehouse? A storehouse filled with His grace, His mercy, His goodness, His kindness. There is no lack in that storehouse. Whatever the need, whether big or small, God is waiting to be gracious to us and show His love toward us by filling the need. During the last two weeks, I have been amazed at the way that God has supplied my need. We were four days inBudapest, one day in Slovakia, three days in Brasov,Romania, now I've been here for four days and whenpresented an opportunity to preach or do a rap, I have opened my mouth wide and God has filled it! I didn't realize until now how much I had received by being in GGWO Baltimore every day and just receiving from the pulpit and from the Body. Thank you so much, PastorSchaller, and all the dear pastors who have been faithful to preach the Word and invest in my life!!! The value of what I have received in my 3 1/2 years there cannot be estimated. It is truly beyond words. Thank you to the Body in Baltimore, too, for just loving me! I've been so warmly received by Pastor Julian and the Body here in Moldova. Oh, what a time we're having! Thank you, Lord. :) We've had amazing times in the Word, on the streets evangelizing and just feasting in fellowship.There does seem to be an amazing openness to the Gospel amongst the Moldovans. Bible college begins again tonight, with Gabor Bolbas teaching Methods of Evangelism. I’ll teach Old Testament Survey on Friday and Pastor Julian will teach a class either on Wednesday or Sunday. Thank you for reading thus far and as the Lord brings it to remembrance, please pray for us in the following:
---SOULS saved and DISCIPLES to be added to the church. ---BIBLE COLLEGE CLASSES--fervent hearts,anointedteaching, students to attend.For people to have a PERSONAL REVELATION of theimportance of the WORD and the BODY.TEAM members P. Julian/ Natella Timofte, GaborBolbas and me. PROVISION in every way for all who desire to go toEUROCON in March. Thank you each one for your friendship in the Gospel and for the way that you are a blessing to the Body of Christ! God bless you! Pastor Mark Knowles

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