Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring - resurection grace life!

EUROCON 2009!!!!

Thank You for all who prayed and supported us, it was a time many of us will never forget! Amazing time in the word and rich times in fellowship!

Special thanks for the precious Mezobereny church and our amazing Heni, we all love you very, very, very much!

And all the Budapest body and all the dear man and women of God who served us during the conference! Especially for precious Gina!
It was amazing to meet at Body from many places, to go together before the Lord!!

See you next year in our Jerusalem-feast!

The merry heart has a continual Feast!

After the Conference we had the privilege to have such a guest in Moldova like P.Stan Collins from Peru! This picture was made in the Grace house, where we make Bible-studies every Tuesday.

Not only P.Stan but our very own P.Julian was with us also, for the greatest joy of the church. Now as many of you know P.Mark is with us, teaching and preaching with the spirit faithful to P.Stevens'!



Revolution in Moldova - with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Our precious friend Kornel brought our beloved fellow - Bible school students from Budapest - Zsolti, Gabi, Timi, our very own Alyona (who is also studying now in Budapest), Aniko and Fruzsi. These last two precoius girls are praying for joining our Moldova team in the perfect plan of God!

Soul winning in the park ( with Zsolti and Timi)

That is something Hungarian here! Paprikas krumpli!

Kornel and P.Mark

Almost 25 person confessed Christ in these 4 for days! Praise the Lord!


Bing Lin, Oleg, Andrei and P.Mark

Please pray for us as God gives us His life to go on with him more nad more. Also we encourage you if you to join us, we would love to have you in our fellowship!

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