Thursday, December 6, 2007

We are in Istanbul!

God is great and faithful! We were led to come to Istanbul after we had some
visa problems in Moldova. We are praying that God will lead us and help that we will have a year visa in Moldova. We have total peace about the situation ,we know that Jesus builds HIS Church,we are just tools in His hands. Please pray for our precious Church there. They are doing great walking by faith with God in their call. We are preparing for Christmas with carols and we are planing to invite people to come to sing and celebrate with us the birth of Christ Jesus our precious Saviour.Also we are going to have a team of 4 people from Baku ,Azerbaijan coming to stay with us for one and half month.Please pray for their trip and for their time in Moldova that will be for the glory of God .Natella with the ladies are preparing handmade Christmas gifts and will participate with them in a Christmas exposition. They will sell this gifts and the money they will have will help someone to go to European Conference in Budapest. Please keep this in prayer also.
How I told you we are in Istanbul with the Church and we are doing very good enjoying the time with God and the team here .We have very good time with people in the street sharing with them the Gospel and love of God.
Few days ago I was speaking to a young man in the park and at the end I invited him to come in the evening to the Church . He came ,we were practicing together for Christmas singing carols ,after with Niyazi were staying with him speaking answering his questions till 12.00 at the night. He came to stay with us and were continuing fellowship . In the morning at 6.00 we woke up and continue speaking.When he left for school he said that this was the best day in his life. Praise God !!
There are so many people like him in this city and in this world who are looking for someone to care for them Psalm 142/4"no man cares for my soul".We care because we have the One who is love living in us. HE made us able to care , to love ,to seek the lost.
We love you very much ! Please pray for us for our trip back to Moldova ,for Christmas time and for our time here in Istanbul. We are planing to come back here in January. Also for the conference with Pastor Matti Sirvio in Moldova in February. If you will like to come please let me know.
God bless you ,
Pastor Julian and Natella

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