Friday, October 12, 2007

Praise and Prayers

 What God is doing here in Moldova

We are very glad to share with you what God is doing in our life andalso here in Chisinau. After a great summer with many divineappointments,trips in different countries we are going forward with Godhere in Chisinau. I will like to thank God for this precious people whoreally took care of us in many parts of the world.

WOW! Thank youJesus! Thank you for your people ! Thank you for your life our preciousbrothers and sisters! It was so good to see you and to spend time withyou! We are praying for you and we are waiting for the time we willmeet you again. 
So , we are back here and we have a good time.
 Natellawas visiting her relatives in Russia and she will come back today withher mom . Natella's mom Taira will stay with us for one month, pleasepray for her salvation that God will use us in her life.

 We are doing well here in Moldova ,God is wonderful  Heis doing a great work in our life and also in our people here. We have started the bible college  with 2 classes this semester.I am teachingthe book of Acts an also translating the ABD  from spring 2007.

Wedo have good time on the streets of Chisinau doing evangelism. We havemany troubles but we trust God . We know that HE is faithful and HEwill keep us
Thank you for praying for us ,we need it very much!People are going trough many hard situation but we know that all thingsare working together for our good . We are trying now to get visa forour people for Romania and by the grace of God some of us will go to aconference with Pastor Jon Boyce in Brasov, Romania.Also we are inprocess to get our visa here in Chisinau.Please pray for it we need tohave this visa .We trust God for this !

People are growing and I cansee the work of God in their life . Andrei is a young man who came toour church in last year from a street evangelism . He decided to givehis life to Christ after was speaking with Pastor Mihael and his wifeMarie.
 Hestarted to come to the Church and to the Bible College and also toevangelism. He is working as a carpenter for someone and he told us a astory form his work place . All his fellow workers know that he isgoing to a evangelical Church because he is speaking to them aboutChrist. He and others workers were working for some man but when hesupposed to pay them ,this man disappeared.His fellow workers wereplaning to find this man and to beat him because he left and did notpay for their work. Andrei told them that they should forgive him andto speak to him not to beat him. But now they came against Andrei andstart to say that: " we are sure that you are with him! You receivedyour money and now you try to protect him!" Andrei told them that he isin the same situation like they are and he did not receive the moneybut he wants to live how the Bible says . The Bible says to forgive andlet for God the revenge. They were not understanding him and weresaying :' Anyway we will beat this man!"
Theword of God is so precious for us! Making us different from thisworld!  I really like very much to see this young people coming to hearthe Word of God and being change by it.WOW ! this is great! Thank youGod!

Thank you for praying ,carrying for us and also supporting us  .We are waiting for you to visit us .

Prayer Points:
  1. Please pray for : Andrei -healing after an accident he had at his work place
  2. Boris- he is studying in Bible college in Baku for healing ,strength form God , finances.
  3. Valentina- for healing - cancer.
  4. Nina - for her husband that he will be saved.
  5. Natella- healing.
  6. Claudia- for her return from Switzerland,for her father who is sick with cancer and his salvation.
  7. Pastor Julian- for my study time ,wisdom in decisions, anointing and power from God in my life.
  8. Aliona- for her study in the university,work ,time for study in Bible college.
  9. Olga- healing,strength from God in this time when she is taking care of her grand  sons.
  10. Alsoplease pray for the visitors will come to us from Baku in December,andfor new team members,finances of the Church.

Thank you very much with much love
Pastor Julian and Natella

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